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AC technician installing a whole house fan in an Orange County

Get a Whole House Fan in Orange County, CA

Whole house fans are a type of highly energy efficient cooling system that works by pulling cool air through your home and out the attic vents. Whole house fans are whisper-quiet and use much less energy than a traditional air conditioner.

Advantages of Installing a Whole House Fan in Orange County, CA

Energy savings are important, but we understand it’s not enough of a reason to invest in a new system for your home.

Whole house fans offer several advantages that make them a smart investment, including:


  • Feeling up to 10 degrees cooler within seconds

  • Saving up to 50-90% on cooling costs

  • Eliminating airborne pollutants

  • Keeping your attic cooler for stored items

  • Extending the lifespan of your AC system

  • Quickly ventilating your home in the winter without opening windows

Whole house fan systems from Coastal Heating & Cooling can accommodate homes up to 4,000 sq. ft. in size. Whole house fans are practical for use in places like Orange County, where extreme heat is not generally an issue. Instead of running the air conditioning for several hours in order to cool and freshen the air at the end of the day, a whole house fan can ventilate your entire home in a matter of minutes.

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