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Quiet cool whole house cooling system

Coastal Heating & Cooling Installs Quiet Cool in Orange County, CA

The Coastal Heating & Cooling team is pleased to offer Quiet Cool whole house cooling systems to our customers in the Orange County area. Quiet Cool is a trusted brand in the ventilation/cooling world. 

Our company offers three models of whole house fans:

  • Trident Pro X with robust airflow for maximum ventilation

  • Stealth Pro X with a sleek design and ultra energy efficiency

  • Roof Mount for homes with little or no attic space

If you’re not familiar with the advantages of a whole house fan, our knowledgeable technicians have all the information you need. Whole house fans cool your home using up to 90% less energy than a traditional air conditioner. Yes, 90%! By pulling cool air from the outside into the house and venting it out through the attic, whole house fans can lower the temperature up to 10 degrees in seconds.


We recommend Quiet Cool in Orange County, CA, for homeowners that are looking for an alternative to a traditional air conditioning system. Whole house fans aren’t only helpful in the summer, they can also be used in the winter for a quick refresh of the air inside your home. Quiet Cool’s superior ventilation action quickly replaces stale air inside the house with fresh air from outdoors without opening the window.

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