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Residential air conditioning units in Orange County, CA

Air Conditioning

Exceptional Air Conditioning Services for Orange County, CA

Summertime in Orange County is beautiful, and when temperatures start to climb, opening a few windows isn’t enough to cool the house and keep everyone safe and comfortable. 


At Coastal Heating & Cooling, we offer all of the services you need to keep your air conditioning in Orange County, CA, working the way it should. We offer air conditioning repair, AC maintenance services or completely new AC installations.

Choose Coastal Heating & Cooling for All of Your Air Conditioning Needs

Our friendly, certified technicians have the knowledge to work on all brands of air conditioners. Our 24-hour emergency service means that we are here to take care of those frustrating unexpected air conditioning breakdowns whenever they happen. 


Our comfort specialists always provide clear explanations, expert recommendations, and a transparent cost analysis before work begins. We will never leave you in the dark.


The team at Coastal Heating & Cooling cares about our customers and their comfort. When something goes wrong with your air conditioning unit, you want it to be fixed as soon as possible. Our technicians show up when expected and come fully ready to solve your heating and cooling problems. That’s why we’re here! 


Call Coastal Heating & Cooling if you want outstanding customer service and work that gets done right the first time. With our exceptional air conditioning maintenance services, AC installation, and air conditioning repair, your home will be the cool comfortable retreat you deserve all summer long.

Air Conditioning

Coastal Heating & Cooling is the place to call for air conditioning installation in Orange County, CA.

Are you building a new home in Orange County? Do you need a complete AC system to be installed? Perhaps your current air conditioning unit is needing too many costly repairs these days. The skilled technicians at Coastal Heating & Cooling are here to help! 

Air Conditioning

Coastal Heating & Cooling provides expert air conditioning repair in Orange County, CA, for any brand of AC.

Since 2017, Coastal Heating & Cooling has been helping homeowners in the Orange County area to stay cool and comfortable, no matter what surprises their AC throws at them.

Air Conditioning

Rely on Coastal Heating & Cooling when you need an air conditioning tune-up in Orange County, CA.

At Coastal Heating & Cooling, we recommend getting regular AC maintenance and tune-ups to prolong the life of your air conditioning system. Don’t wait until your air conditioner breaks down. Schedule a yearly tune-up in the spring to keep your system running reliably when summer heat comes.


Coastal Heating & Cooling technicians have the training to install, maintain and repair ductless mini splits in Orange County, CA.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are gaining popularity in the Orange County area, thanks to their flexibility and small size. They are a great cooling solution for both residential and commercial properties in which individual rooms need cooling.


Coastal Heating & Cooling experts will ensure your new or repaired thermostat is functioning correctly.

Is your AC thermostat blank or simply not working? Maybe you’d like to install a new smart technology thermostat, but you’re not sure how. Coastal Heating & Cooling is happy to help with home thermostats in Orange County, CA.

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