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Ductless mini split air conditioner

Superior Service and Repair for Ductless Mini Splits in Orange County, CA

Ductless mini split air conditioners are gaining popularity in the Orange County area, thanks to their flexibility and small size. They are a great cooling solution for both residential and commercial properties in which individual rooms need cooling.

With no ductwork to install, mini splits are an affordable air conditioning option for condo owners and even apartment dwellers.

Not all HVAC companies have the capability to work on mini splits, but we do. If you need a new ductless mini split in Orange County, CA, or have one that needs repair, the technicians at Coastal Heating & Cooling have the experience to get the job done.


Our qualified installer will correctly size each unit to the space and find the best location for installation. If mini splits are placed or sized incorrectly, it can cause short-cycling, which not only wastes energy, but prevents proper cooling and humidity control.

If you have an addition to your home, a she-shed, an office, condo, or other small space that can’t be connected to a traditionally ducted air conditioner for mechanical or financial reasons, a mini split AC unit may be the solution to your problem. Call Coastal Heating & Cooling for more information about mini splits in Orange County, CA.

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