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Heating technician running heating diagnostic on home heater

Get a Heating Diagnostic in Orange County, CA, from Coastal Heating & Cooling

A quality repair starts with the right diagnosis. It takes experience and training to understand the symptoms of a failing heater. Our technicians have the skills necessary to diagnose your heating system correctly. 


We stay current about new HVAC technology with up-to-date training and we take advantage of every opportunity to extend our skills. When you call Coasting Heating & Cooling to diagnose a problem with your heater, we put all our knowledge to work for you.

Benefits of a Heating Diagnostic in Orange County, CA

Some heating malfunctions happen quickly, while others may worsen over time.

Sometimes, there are warning signs that a repair is on the way. If you know what to look for, you may be able to catch a minor problem before it becomes a major one.

Call Coastal Heating & Cooling right away if you notice any of these signs:


  • Odd or loud noises when heater is running

  • Air that is dry or dust that builds up quickly

  • Low air flow

  • Odd smells

  • Cold rooms or cold spots in the house

  • Increased heating bills without increased usage


When you schedule a service appointment, our technician will accurately diagnose the problem. We will give a recommendation and provide you with a fair and affordable pricing quote. We only begin repairs once you have approved. Our number one goal is always to provide excellent customer service.

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