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Residential air purification system

Do You Need Air Purification in Orange County, CA?

Pet dander, pollen, dust, and environmental pollutants—these are all reasons why Orange County residents might want to improve the air quality inside their homes.


Air purifiers clean the air quietly and efficiently, removing these irritants with a high degree of efficiency. Air purification systems also remove unpleasant odors, which is an added bonus for families who love their pets (but not their smells!)

Benefits of Air Purification in Orange County, CA

Air purifiers are especially helpful for people with allergies or breathing problems like asthma, but you don’t need to have a medical condition to enjoy cleaner air. Other benefits include:

  • Controlling humidity and preventing mold/mildew growth

  • Decreased dusting

  • Filtering out environmental pollutants such as second hand smoke

  • Removing pet dander

  • Leaving your home cleaner

At Coastal Heating & Cooling, we recommend MicroPure MX-4 Total Home purifiers. MicroPure is a well-respected brand in the field of indoor air quality improvement. All new MicroPure MX-4 filters feature ionic oxidation to help eliminate bacteria, mold, and other VOCs. They can be installed in any HVAC system and have a lifetime warranty. Our technicians are certified in the installation and maintenance of MicroPure products. Ask us how a MicroPure air purification device can benefit your family.

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