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When Should I Schedule My Air Conditioning Repairs?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

When you have air conditioning in your home, it is critical that you maintain it on a regular basis. This maintenance can help extend the device's life span and ensure that it operates at maximum efficiency.

As a homeowner, how are you supposed to know when to seek air conditioning repair in Orange County, CA? There’s no denying the temperatures in our area can be overwhelmingly hot. Let your neighborhood professionals at Coastal Heating & Cooling give you our insider tips on when you should schedule air conditioning repairs!

Spring and Fall

We find our office is often busiest during the summer months when air conditioning usage is at its peak. As a result, scheduling a service appointment in the springtime or late fall may be the best option.

Our team can do a system tune-up during a service appointment to guarantee that your AC unit will be available to use when you need it most. Coastal Heating & Cooling can also do any necessary maintenance and general air conditioning repair in Orange County, CA.

Experiencing Air Conditioning Issues?

If you see or hear anything unexpected, you should make an appointment right away. For example, if you notice significant moisture or the air conditioner won't switch off after a long time, you should contact us as soon as you can.

These concerns may be symptoms of a larger issue. It can be hard for a homeowner to know for sure unless an HVAC specialist examines the system. Trying to fix it yourself can be quite costly. Allowing the problem to go untreated altogether could result in a larger problem in the future.

We’re Available Year-Round!

No matter when you use your air conditioning most, it might be worth having it checked out in July or August. You can have someone look at it in a timely manner if you schedule your normal checkup a few days or weeks ahead of time.

Call Coastal Heating & Cooling in Orange County the next time you need air conditioning service. We can also inspect your heater or take a look at other possible HVAC issues your home may be having. 

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