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Can UV Air Purifiers Benefit Me?

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

A UV air purifier uses ultraviolet light to isolate and target airborne germs. As the germs become inactive, the air is cleaner. This process reduces the spread of illness-causing microbes. The UV air purifier is also effective in removing other particles from the air that might clog your air filter or cause other HVAC problems.

Reduce Illness with a UV Air Purifier in Orange County, CA

When you’re not using an air purifier in your home, it’s easy for a cold, flu, or other illness to spread to others. That’s because microorganisms are released into the air each time a sick person coughs or sneezes. The HVAC system picks up those germs and redistributes them along with the treated air.

When you operate a UV air purifier, the UV waves kill those germs and bacteria before they can spread throughout your living space. As a result, everyone will breathe cleaner air.

Remove Lingering Odors

Another reason to use a UV air purifier in Orange County, CA, is that it will help eliminate odor-causing particles.

Most air fresheners and cleaning products might only conceal an odor, and the unpleasant smell usually returns after a few hours. That’s because leftover particles from food, cigarette smoke, and other sources remain in the air. The air purifier will attack those particles and eliminate them, leaving fresher-smelling air.

Run Your UV Air Purifier with Less Maintenance

A traditional air purifier requires some maintenance to remain in efficient operating condition. If you don’t change the filters regularly, contaminating particles can clog the system.

A UV air purifier in Orange County, CA, won’t use filters. Instead of processing the air via a circulation system, it uses UV waves to directly clean unwanted particles from the air. This type of purifier also lasts longer since its components aren’t exposed to contaminants.

We’ll Help You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Coastal Heating & Cooling offers a wide range of options that will help you breathe cleaner air. From providing HVAC maintenance to offering efficient air purifiers, we can help you meet all of your indoor air and climate control needs. To discuss your needs, contact us today.

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